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About Us

A Different Spin is a group of performers trying to spread their love of circus and fire arts with communities all across the country. Our performers met during our time at Vassar College, putting on numerous shows there and in the Arlington community. A Different Spin began performing professionally in 2006.

The current hub of activity for A Different Spin is centered in the Northeast, specifically the Boston area. All of us love to travel and are committed to putting on the best show we possibly can; wherever you are we can offer everything you need in a top quality entertainment troupe.

To find out more about where we are and what we're doing, visit us on Facebook. You can also read our bios below to find out more about our individual skills and talents!

Member Bios

Michael Mooch Mucciolo Michael "Mooch" Mucciolo

Before and during his time at Vassar College, Mooch had been involved in theater, jazz ensembles, and even dabbled in the world of ska-punk. It was in the first months of his freshman year at the College that the circus arts world was opened up to him. Through four years he learned many skills including contact and toss juggling, fire staff and torches, glass walking, partner and group balancing, as well as card and coin magic. An active and energetic member of the Vassar College Barefoot Monkeys (the Circus and Fire Arts group at the college), Mooch helped write, plan and perform in around 100 performances ranging from community events to spectacular fire shows complete with anywhere from two to twenty performers complemented by live and/or electronic music. Having decided to put his degree in physics to good use, Mooch enjoys working on group club passing patterns and finding new ways to get audience members to let him stand on them. In his mind, there seems no limit to what A Different Spin can do to bring the sheer joy and excitement of the circus and fire arts to people from all walks of life.

Ricky Hawkins Ricky Hawkins

Having graduated from Vassar College with a double major in Studio Art and Italian, Ricky was left with two choices: run off to Europe to become the next Michelangelo or join the circus. Luckily, Ricky had learned to juggle 3 balls many years prior, even though he didn't give it much thought until he discovered the Vassar College Barefoot Monkeys. After years of active membership in Vassar's only circus and fire spinning group, he eventually rose to the leadership position of "Grand Monkey". Today he is working on 6 balls and 5 clubs, constantly trying to push the limit of what he can keep up in the air all at once. Juggling not only objects but also many various pursuits, he has also managed to pick up the skills of unicycle riding, contact juggling, staff and poi spinning, and how to balance spinning plates on his chin. Needless to say, his parents are overjoyed at the amount of money they spent helping him get his higher education.

Tim Ellis Tim Ellis

Tim grew up in Philadelphia, home of the Declaration of Independence, Quakerism, and the Philly cheese steak. He graduated from Vassar College in 2007 with degrees in Drama and Music Composition. Tim has always been interested in tumbling, juggling and circus arts; it was clear from an early age when he learned to walk and somersault at roughly the same time. At Vassar, he continued to delve into the circus arts with juggling, fire spinning, acrobatics and partner balancing. Tim has also been an avid performer, musician and theater technician for many years. He has played such roles as Tobias in Sondheim's 'Sweeney Todd'; performed in St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome with the Vassar choir; and has spent endless hours as a theater technician at Vassar, in Philadelphia, at the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival, and most recently in numerous theaters in the greater Boston area. A man of the world, Tim strives to bring fun and laughter into the lives of everyone he meets. Or, barring that, he'd settle for an Olympic medal in some event or another. (He's not picky).

Roger May Roger May

While learning to to spin poi at the age of 17, Roger whipped them full speed into his crotch, then his face, then... well he forgets the next ten minutes. Once he woke up, he knew that he'd found a career he was really good at. Since then Roger has studied a dozen different styles of object manipulation, as well as partner acrobatics, aerial arts, hand-balancing, hand to hand, and tumbling at the New England Center for Circus Arts. He's performed on stages and at festivals around the country, and around the world. He's featured in the films “Sphereplay 2” and “Life on Fire.” After quitting his day job and meeting his beautiful wife in 2009, Roger realized he's pretty much fulfilled his teenage dreams, so from here on out, it's a celebration.

Jeremy Warren Jeremy Warren

Jeremy Warren realized his talent for throwing things in the air when, at the age of four, he managed to throw a full-sized baseball into his own eye. The trajectories and related physics are still being worked out, but early tests have implied a new corollary to the theory of relativity. Jeremy graduated with a degree in psychology and has spent his entire school and professional career proving that the mind is a strange and wonderful thing. Cardboard piñatas, river rafts, pie fights, and sandwich samurai are just a few ways that Jeremy has tried to make the world a more interesting place. As a performer, Jeremy believes that live performance groups like A Different Spin are more important today than ever before in a culture that gets so much of our entertainment from television and the web.

Joanna Keseberg Joanna Keseberg

Joanna discovered the circus arts in a college other than Vassar, when a strange man invited her to perform devil sticks in Salem. There she met juggling weirdos from neighboring states who introduced her to both poi and fire. A trusting person by nature, Joanna learned all she could from them. Continuing her instinctive desire to learn every circus skill known to man, she has performed, taught, and learned lots and lots of cool stuff. Performing on America's Got Talent showed her that she can do anything, and that yes, confetti is flammable. Piers Morgan was quoted as saying "Normally I don't like acts like this but you guys were good." With that ringing endorsement in hand, her mission in life is to show people fantastic human tricks and convince them that she is in fact not superhuman, and they can do it too.*

* Results may vary. Some settling may occur in shipping.

Jordan Campbell Jordan A. Campbell

Jordan Campbell is a Vassar College Graduate with a degree in Mathematics. His interest in the circus arts began at the age of 8 when he learned to juggle. Through his highschool years and beyond he has grown as a juggler and expanded his repertoire to include acrobatics, partner balancing, contact juggling, fire twirling (poi, staff, juggling, etc.), magic (specializing in card magic), diabolo and more. Jordan loves performing for children and adults alike. Jordan has also dedicated a large amount of time to work in theater. Since high school when he began, Jordan has worked on nearly every technical aspect of a theatrical performance. He has been lighting designer, sound designer, costume designer, artistic designer, set designer, props master, master electrician, master carpenter, technical director, production manager, fly crew, stage crew, light and sound board operator, spot light operator, light hang crew, and build crew. Jordan spent 3 years as Assistant Technical Director followed by one year as Technical Director of the Vassar College Susan Stein Shiva Theater, a fully student run theater.

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