A Different Spin: in action!


      Fire Show Promo

2011 Group Juggling Act

Fire Promo - The Silly One


They say "a picture is worth a thousand words", but nothing can truly capture the excitement of live performance! Before you ask (and we get this question a lot), YES, that is real fire. No photoshop trickery or special effects here!

A Different Spin loves sending its circus and fire performers all over the country, and these are just a few choice shots captured of our performances. Do you have any photos or videos of A Different Spin in action? Send us an email! Want to help generate more photos? Hire A Different Spin for your next event!

      Fire Show

          fire poi     fire staff spinning     fire sword     fire double staves

          fire show     fire eating     fire show clowning     fire poi duo

          fire hula hoop     fire poi trio     fire swords     fire show volunteer

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